Dealing Effectively with Criticism at Work


Criticism at work can allow for professional and personal growth if you know just how to deal with it in an effective manner. Here are a few guidelines for incorporating a more positive type of mindset and providing responses to feedback from supervisors and colleagues.

Taking a Positive View of Criticism

  1. Always keep calm. If you attempt to appear calm and confident, you are more apt to feel that way. Develop the ability to listen more attentively by learning to control your emotional responses. Learn to stop for a few moments while you breathe deeply and allow other people to communicate with you.
  2. Always try to see the positive aspect in every situation. If you are particularly sensitive to criticism, remind yourself of your positive qualities and all the things that you do very well. You can keep your office tensions under control by keeping your life in balance. When you do this, you will be able to turn to your faith or spirituality as well as your friends and relations for support and strength.
  3. Develop an open-minded attitude. Your fellow employees may give you important views that help you to increase your skills. Regard their opinions with respect. Have an open mind about different concepts and ways to accomplish various tasks. You may have the opportunity to learn a new skill that helps you to do a better job.
  4. Try to find something humorous about the circumstance. Some comments are not justified, but you can almost always examine them to find the comic edge that can turn these comments on end. For instance, if a customer places blame on you for their expired coupons, respond with tact without taking it too seriously.
  5. Learn to develop a sympathetic attitude. Your supervisor may speak with harshness towards you regarding your performance due to stress and pressures in his own life. Lighten up on others if you are aware that they have just come out of a difficult budget meeting or are facing challenges in their home life.


Responding to Feedback from Supervisors and Colleagues

  1. Welcome the opinions of others. It is better to ask others for their opinions instead of sitting back and waiting until you have your yearly performance review. In this way, you can get pertinent and timely feedback that can help you improve your job performance quickly. This shows good initiative on your part.
  2. Always ask other people relevant questions. Ask relevant questions so the other individual knows that you are paying attention. This technique will enable you to understand things better.
  3. First, listen to the other individual attentively. Allow the other individual to voice opinions without constantly interrupting the person’s train of thought. In the moment, pay very close attention to that person instead of working towards a defense.
  4. Take an honest assessment of your skills or areas that need improvement. Make evaluations of your job performance on a regular basis. It will provide you with a much more solid type of foundation for reflecting on your colleagues’ remarks.
  5. Concentrate on the meaning of the person’s words. Pay attention to the difference between what the person is saying and the way in which the person expresses a particular viewpoint. Even if you believe that someone is being less than what is considered to be courteous, there may be a bit of truth in what they are saying.
  6. One way to resolve this situation is to ask another person for his or her viewpoint. Speaking with individuals in your workplace is useful if you require impartial advice. You may learn that other workers feel the same way. On one hand, you may find that you will need to put in an extra special effort if you and your boss are more of a difficult fit.
  7. Take notes about the situation. If people are have disagreements for a lengthy period, discover ways that help you prove your viewpoints. You can supply specific statistical information about the industry or office memos that help you win your case. Even if the situation does not end up in your favor, you are still going to have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed to something worthwhile.
  8. Develop an amiable attitude. Set a great example by providing your feedback in a fashion that is timely and specific. Concentrate on a person’s actions instead of the individual’s personality. This attitude will help other employees have more self-esteem and open communication. Collaborate with your colleagues regardless of conflicts you may face.
  9. Arrange to have another meeting to further discuss the details. Tell others that you welcome their unique viewpoints. After you have had time to incorporate their suggestions, let them know how they helped improve your performance. This will also provide you with a chance to make a better impression upon them.

Allow critical remarks in the workplace to help you perform a better job. Take feedback from others, and use it to improve your performance. Also, use it to further advance in your career. Dealing Effectively with Criticism at Work


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