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Damon Ragusa

Damon Ragusa is a marketing software and analytics executive with the experience and imagination to blast some long-held beliefs out of the water. His vision spans the globe and ensures the success of the firms that he works with at ThinkVine, the Cincinnati-based computer software company he founded in 2008. He lays out the difference between old-fashioned marketing and effective engagement, the difference between looking at a sales funnel and looking at sales radar, and he figures out how to find new, broader audiences in a more mobile and shifting world.

ThinkVine, for which Damon now serves as CEO, is an award-winning marketing mix optimization company. Damon’s unique combinations of skills include the power of keen quantitative understanding, along with the relationship strengths that give birth to great new ideas. ThinkVine makes software to help companies measure and maximize their marketing campaigns. He knows how to take his ideas to the marketplace in such a way as to achieve maximum impact.

The ThinkVine software analyzes and predicts how consumers will react to different marketing plans. Companies face increasingly fast-paced environments and competition from all the other companies with automated technology targeting their same consumers. The successful company has to collect its data instantly, and make wise adjustments according to what the data shows. ThinkVine creates simulations which provide this kind of valuable data about consumer response to its clients—faster. Client companies have included Del Monte, Pepsico, and Urban Outfitters.

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