Discovering the Courage to Change Your Career


Choosing your career path is one of most important decisions you will make in your entire life. After all, a majority of your waking hours per year is spent at work!

If you are having a hard time finding happiness in your present line of work, you may be going through a temporary lack of motivation that will soon vanish. On the other hand, this might indicate that a change is needed.

Choosing a career goes far beyond accepting what is necessary in terms of paying bills and putting food in the fridge. You are deserving of days spent doing work that you love and your career should line up with your values and goals. You deserve to use the power within you to change the path of your career!

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Use your career change as an opportunity for careful thought regarding your values. Make determinations about the things that matter most to your in life. This doesn’t happen overnight or in an instant. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself the amount of time necessary to prioritize matters of importance for yourself and your career.

Ask questions Ask yourself: Questions that will delve into your values and discover just what is important to you will provide you with strong guidance. What initially drew you toward your job? What about your profession do you find appealing? Have those particular elements of your job vanished due to changes that have occurred, or have you simply lost track of what originally brought you into this line of work?

How would you change your line of work if could have your dream job? Is there currently a job within your current company that can make better use of your talents in a position that is much more more interesting? Ask your own employer whether there are some openings where you can learn new skills or move up to a more interesting job within the same business.

Baby Steps

Make progress in small increments to achieve what you desire. Although it may seem as if escaping your present career ASAP is the correct thing to do, being in a rush may end up backfiring. If you set aside time to carefully think about your decisions and make the best decision possible, you will feel a greater sense of joy and fulfillment when all is said and done.

Go after your big dreams by divvying them up into small easy to manage action steps. Ask for advice from those who are already highly successful in the field of work you are looking to get into. Shape your goals in such a way that you will be able to achieve feedback of your progress on a regular basis. In this way, you will be able to tell when you’re going off track.

Be Respectful of Your Present Boss

Make a graceful exit when the time comes. As you gravitate closer and closer to the career that you desire, keep doing your best at your present job. Your current employer may be needed as a reference, and maintaining an attitude of service will heighten your self-confidence as you get ready to welcome such a significant change in your life.

Have Faith in Yourself

Be confident of your intuition and your own power. It is possible to accomplish anything you desire. If you plan well and have ambition to do well, your career will deliver you the success you’re looking for. Keep your eyes on your eventual goal, believe in yourself, and start today to carry out the first steps to achieve the worthwhile career you deserve.


About Monica Davis

Monica Davis has been in the business of influencing people to change their lives and helping them to develop their professional and business objectives for over 20 years. Monica Davis is a bestselling business author, speaker, trainer, media coach, award-winning television host and producer, and the publisher of Exceptional People Magazine.

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