Turning Obstacles Into Golden Opportunities


Christopher Sasha

It takes a strong will to keep moving forward when you’ve had to face one obstacle after another as a child and as a young adult.

Losing his mother at the age of eight and as a result being placed in a foster home, was devastating to young Christopher, as it would be to any child.

But it would be just the beginning of a young life filled with challenges that he would have to overcome. It would take Sasha many years to fully understand who he was, what his purpose in life would be and once he discovered that purpose, how he would use it to become a productive citizen and an example for other young adults.

“At the age of 20, I had a ninth grade education in math and an eighth grade reading level. According to the odds, I should be illiterate and in jail the rest of my life. I’m successful because I decided that no matter how hard life hits me, I will always pick myself up and keep moving forward,” Sasha reveals.

Because of his desire to improve and realizing it’s never too late for change, at the age of 24 Sasha began attending DePaul University, making the dean’s list and becoming an A/B student. He had finally connected with the real Christopher Sasha. Today, Sasha has a degree in finance and he works as personal fitness trainer. Through his work with the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls, he’s sharing his life experiences with troubled children helping them to understand that life is not always perfect and that you can you overcome challenges.

The founder of Exceptional People Magazine was excited to speak with Sasha about his determination to overcome the many challenges he faced as a child and how he overcame them.

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