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Dean Tong

Dean Tong is doing a job he wishes he didn’t have to do. In fact, he didn’t even choose his calling. It chose him. Falsely accused of child abuse 30 years ago tossed him into the court system for a decade. Yet, Dean took the situation and made the best of it.

Although his original aspirations were to become a doctor, he was compelled to educate himself on all aspects of child abuse cases. He has a degree in psychology and the law, as well as a medical background – all of which have served him, and his clients well.

But he didn’t stop there. He has helped multitudes of families deeply engrossed in child abuse cases. An avid proponent for children and families, he handles between 25 and 30 cases at a time. He has perfected the formula for solving such cases by digging until he finds the truth.

He has singularly changed the face of child abuse litigation in this country, but he says we have a long way to go. Although the statistics say sexual child abuse is down, the number of cases remains the same. The accused should be innocent until proven guilty; however, it is the other way around.

Dean Tong is a visionary who wants to change the system, but he’s fighting an uphill battle. His message: “Kids are our most precious resource. That’s really who we should be thinking of first and foremost.”

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