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Chef Kermit Griffin

As a culinary artist and historian, Chef Kermit Griffin is doing more than just whipping up delectable recipes. He’s helping young adults follow through on their dreams to build careers in the food and hospitality industry as cooks, chefs, and business owners.

As a young child, he was surrounded by family members who were constantly cooking for family events like weddings and family reunions, and summer travel, so it was only natural that he would follow that path. Serving in the Navy was what gave Griffin the chance to learn about food preparation and expand his love into a successful career. “When you go out to sea, you have to volunteer in one of the service parts of the ship, whether it’s the laundry or the mail, or whatever the case may be. I always volunteered to go to the galley because I liked to cook,” says, Griffin.

Through his work with Living Classrooms, Griffin is empowering young adults to obtain their food manager certification so that they can expand their horizons in the food industry. Living Classrooms is a non-profit organization. It’s an educational and economic force which serves children and young adults in various ways through over 40 programs in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas.

Griffin is hailed as one of America’s top cultural chefs and is a consultant to several restaurants in the Washington, D.C. area. His passion for food and for pleasing the palette is obvious from his amazing culinary presentations and the rave reviews he consistently receives.

His rich history in the culinary world includes, Executive Sous Chef at the Beaufort Inn in Beaufort, South Carolina; Executive Chef at the AAA Four-Diamond Inn featured as one of the Top Ten Inns in America, as rated by Conde Naste; Chef de Partie at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hilton Head, South Carolina; Executive Sous Chef and Executive Chef for several other noted restaurants.

Chef Griffin has made his mark in the culinary world as a dynamic, creative chef who understands the power of developing smart relationships that lead to great business opportunities. Through his catering company, Dash Catering, Griffin is developing relationships that enable him to provide catering services to venues that have kitchen facilities but lack the personnel or teams to use them.

He not only teaches his Living Classroom students, but mentors them as well, long after they complete the program. The relationships that he’s building with his students through Living Classrooms, have resulted in long-term opportunities for many of them.

As a result of his passion for food and his desire to help young adults succeed, Griffin is constantly sharpening his culinary skills and passing his knowledge on to his students, as well as his clients.

Chef Griffin took time to share details about his passion for being a chef, his journey to achieving great success and his enthusiasm for teaching and preparing young adults to develop and pursue their culinary dreams.

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