Business Networking: Following up with a Thank You Note


Networking should be part of your monthly business activities. Whether you network online via social media or offline at events one thing is for sure, you need to write thank you notes. Once you connect with someone and share information with him or her, especially if it was at an event or online webinar, you need to take the time to write them a little note reminding them who you are and what was discussed.

Before you get your stack of note cards out there are a few things you should always include. First, always add the date of the event. Second, restate your interest in becoming business partners. Third, re-emphasize how your skills will help them in reaching their goals. Fourth, set up another meeting or contact. Fifth, include your contact information. Sixth, be sure to send it within 24 hours of the event. Finally, be neat, to the point and take the time to hand write your note.

Refer to the date of the event

Networking events are gatherings where you meet many different people. It’s hard to keep all the names, faces and businesses straight. Include the date of the event in your note to remind them when you met.

Restate your interest in becoming business partners

Hopefully you struck up a conversation and asked a number of important questions regarding their niche and their goals for their business. With this in mind remind them that you think a partnership with them sounds like a possible way that you both can build your businesses.

Re-emphasize how your skills will help

During your short conversation you probably mention your 30-second pitch which highlighted your skills and products. Reiterate those to remind them how you fit into his or her business goals.

Set up another meeting or contact

Choose a set time and meeting place for a follow-up. Even if it’s only via email or Skype, setting the date and time and then scheduling it on your calendar will give it a high priority.

Include your contact information

You probably exchanged contact information or business cards at the event but go ahead and include your information again. Networking events are a pool of information and you want to make it as easy as possible for them to contact you again.

Send it within 24 hours of the event

Get in the habit of completing your thank-you notes before leaving the parking lot or shutting your computer down. Also, put a stamp on it and place it in the mailbox. The sooner this is done the less procrastinating you’ll do.

Be neat and to the point

Don’t scribble some words of insincerity or write a long dissertation about how your partnership will skyrocket sales. Get to the point which is to set up a meeting; it is then that you can talk in more detail about ideas and plans you might have.

Handwritten is preferred

If at all possible don’t type or email your note of thanks. If your handwriting isn’t legible ask someone with excellent penmanship to write it for you. Keep it neat.


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