Black Entrepreneurship: Rediscover, Re-Educate, Rise Up


Brother Bedford

Smokey Robinson. Cedric the Entertainer. Dr. Dennis Kimbro. Lisa Nichols. Les Brown.

It sounds like random name-dropping, but these people represent a roadmap of Brother Bedford’s journey, which took him from school talent shows to working with these recognizable figures in one capacity or another.
And it all started with hamming it up in his family’s living room, performing Jackson Five with his cousins to entertain their parents’ guests.

As a six-year-old boy growing up in Detroit, the only thing Brother Bedford focused on was how much he loved being in front of people. The future was far off and declarations of “When I grow up, I want to be a…” were still open-ended. Had you asked him then if he thought that one day, he’d be the opening act for musical greats, speak in front of thousands, and become a business coach, you might have received a nonchalant shrug at best.

There are many successful people who knew exactly what they wanted to do or be from a young age. They laser-locked on that goal and did everything they needed to get there. Then there are those like Brother Bedford, whose current success is a culmination of everything he has tried and learned in the past.

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