Reaching the Top Against All Odds


Scharrell Talley Jackson

Scharrell Jackson has been working in Newport Beach for over 20 years. An African American woman, she chose one of the most firmly male-dominated industries for her career: Accounting and Finance.

As if these odds against success weren’t enough, Jackson has also faced devastating internal battles. As the victim of domestic violence in college, she struggled against insecurity, low self esteem, and the exhausting task of wearing an emotional mask to work every day. When her marriage ended, she set upon raising three sons by herself while continuing her corporate climb.

But Jackson is not a woman to use circumstances as excuses. Shedding her mask, working hard, staying focused, and tapping into her deep spiritual faith, she moved from construction firm bookkeeper to real estate accounting manager to high-powered controller positions. When she landed at Squar Milner, one of the country’s top accounting firms, she wowed them with her ability to streamline billings and dramatically improved their cash flow position.

Within 3 years, she was promoted to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer at Squar Milner, serving Fortune 100 companies, executing mergers, and overseeing the finances, administration, and general operations of the company’s six locations.

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