Activities to Share with Aging Parents


Activities to Share With Aging Parents Most individuals will ultimately experience the aging of their parents. For a great majority of us, this is challenging both emotionally and intellectually, way before becoming more complicated with the other types of issues come into the picture.

It’s tough to remind yourself of the fact that your mother and father, whom you remember as vibrant, strong, quick-witted adults, are aging and becoming less capable than they once were. Most children want to imagine that their parents are still the same as they were a long time ago.

But because aging has foreseeable consequences, it is smart to be open to tweaking the perception you have of your parents. You need to consider the consequences for your parents of their growing older, and use your imagination to vary the kinds of things you do with them.

Try a few of these activities with your parents:

1. Go for a walk if the weather is nice.
For aging parent who are indoors most of the time, a simple walk outside can be great! Enjoy the birds singing, flowers and trees, check on the changing seasons, and get some fresh air. Additionally, this creates a perfect opportunity for chatting and spending time together.

Keep in mind the length of time you are walking as your mom or dad may tire easily, and don’t be afraid to take a break on a bench. However, even a gentle ten-minute walk is beneficial to your body and soul as long as it is approved by your parent’s doctor.

2. Share a movie night.
Choose movies that your parents love. The majority of older persons like to watch movies and may prefer to watch films that have their favorite movie stars from younger years.

  • Often seeing an old movie with your parents will remind them of past days that they can share with you. Movies will trigger parents to recall just what they were doing around the period when they first watched the film.

3. Locate something on the internet that they are interested in and show it to them.
Even though your parents may not have an interest in the internet at all, you can still expose them to new things by using it to research a subject that is of interest to them.

  • You won’t run out of topics for conversation if you teach your parents how to use the internet to search for news and data that they are looking for. Besides, exposing your parents to brand new information will broaden their minds, which will in turn sharpen their memory.
  • It is best to do away with set expectations when it comes to your mom or dad’s desire in navigating the Internet. But if they choose to do so, you will have opened up a way for them to make use of their thinking skills even more.

4. Do a paper and pencil puzzle together.
Doing crosswords, word searches, and other forms of puzzles will aid in keeping your parent’s mind sharp and it will also serve the purpose of creating quality activity to do together.

  • If you work on jigsaw puzzles with your parents, you will have the chance to praise them when they do good jobs on finishing the puzzles.

5. Have an outing for brunch or a snack.

Due to the possibility of your parent’s energy running low by dinner time, make use of the earlier hours in the day to spend time with them.

  • Going out for both breakfast or lunch allows for an opportunity to partake in a meal together when mom or dad are fresh and feeling their most energetic.

6. Sit down with your parent to go through a closet shelf or box from the garage.
Due to the possibility of your aging parents feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of getting rid of unwanted possessions, provide comfort to their mind by offering to be of help.

  • You can help with sorting out belongings, getting things organized, and donating unwanted items to a local charity.

7. Make a video of your aging parent sharing a memory from the past.
If your parent enjoys telling stories and did so when you were younger or did so with your own children, check if they will agree to being filmed.

  • Your mom or dad may feel deeply touch that you wish to preserve memories of them. In addition, it might help them remember more of the stories that they recount.

8. Share in reading a book you’ll both enjoy.
An excellent way to spend an hour or two is by reading a book with your parent. If reading out loud is a pleasure for your parent, then take turns.

  • You mom or dad’s cognitive abilities will be used in process of reading. To make sure this activity remains enjoyable make sure to stop whenever they become tired. You can always pick up where you left off the next time you stop by.

You will find that the way you interact with your parents changes as they age. If you are open to being creative and just a bit flexible you will find a variety of ways to enjoy spending time with your parents as they age.


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