Michael Johnson

Defensive End, Cincinnati Bengals - A True Champion on and Off the Field

As a professional football player, Michael Johnson is always enhancing his skills to become a consistent champion on the field.

As a Young man growing up in Selma, Alabama, Johnson excelled in high school athletics and academics and was soon recruited by Georgia Tech. It is there where he realized and ultimately proved that he had what it take to play professional football.

Just as it is in other areas of life, the game of football requires you to develop the right skills, talents and mindset so that you increase your odds of achieving success and overcoming the challenges you will most undoubtedly encounter. As the Defensive End for the Cincinnati Bengals, Michael Johnson understands the value of preparation, planning and developing a positive outlook on life.

As a young child, he learned those traits from his parents who taught him the importance of making good decisions, trusting in God and living by example. Learning such great lessons from his parents has enabled him to build a lasting foundation as a pro ball player and as a community leader.

Hes not only a champion on the field, but hes also a champion for thousands of young kids. As the founder of the MJ93 Foundation Johnson is positively impacting the lives of young children through mentoring, football camps, workshops and other partnerships and activities that encourages them to dream big and never give up. He realized at an early age that there were others less fortunate than him and it has inspired him to seek ways uplift others.

The mission of the MJ93 Foundation is to teach young people the importance of education, proper nutrition and exercise and to help them realize their potential and to capitalize on them as the mature into adulthood.

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