7 Ways to Reduce Impulse Buys at the Grocery Store


Do you find that you are spending increasingly more on food purchases? While it’s true that food is getting more expensive, some of your increasing costs could be blamed on impulse buys. You are more likely to make unhealthy and expensive food choices if you shop during a time when you feel tired, hungry, or rushed.

Upon returning from a shopping expedition, have you ever wondered why you purchased certain items?

If so, here are some tips for you:

  1. Keep paper and pencil handy in the kitchen. As soon as you open your cupboard or refrigerator door and see that you are almost out of a product you always use, write this item down or save it in your smart phone list.
    • You can either write these items on a piece of paper or key them into your smart phone database so you will know exactly what to buy when you go grocery shopping.
    • Consider foods that you hardly ever use or that your children simply do not enjoy. Give some thought to taking them off your shopping list.
    • Prior to leaving your residence for a trip to the supermarket, check again to make sure you included all of the items you need to buy. Write them on your list.
  2. Give yourself enough time for unhurried shopping. If you take your time while shopping, you are less likely to throw items into your shopping cart without looking at the ingredients and prices.
  3. Do whatever you can to stay away from processed foods. Certain types of packaged food products that are in boxes or cans may have chemical additives or other undesirable constituents.
    • Direct yourself towards healthier, unprocessed foods and you’ll avoid buying packaged products.
  4. Do not deviate from the store list. At the store, stick to your list and don’t buy anything you haven’t written down.
    • If you really cannot stick to your grocery list, grant yourself just one or two additional food items that weren’t on your list.
    • However, make your additions food products that are good bargains and provide you with ways you can incorporate them into your nutritious homemade recipes.
  5. Make your shopping trip after you’ve had something to eat. A long-standing guideline for food shopping is never to buy groceries when hungry.
    • It is well known that being hungry will make you hanker after food and spend more money in the grocery store. It only takes a bag of potato chips and a box of cookies to disrupt your budget.
  6. Decide before leaving for your shopping trip how much money you are going to spend on groceries.
    • Assume that you set a weekly limit of $75 for food. You are already in the process of scanning your groceries when the cashier announces that the total amount equals $79. What are your options?
    • Take a fast look at your food purchases. Question whether you can do without some of the items. Are there goodies and nibbles that aren’t really necessary? Try to stick with the $75 amount that is in your budget workbook.
    • Once you arrive back at your house, make a decision about whether your current budget permits an acceptable amount of money to spend on your groceries or if you need to make the amount higher. Maybe you’ll decide the things you put back weren’t necessary after all. Alternatively, you may find that you need to budget a little more than $75 to purchase everything you need.
  7. Congratulate yourself for avoiding last-minute bad decisions at the grocery store, thanks to your advance planning. You went the extra mile and it paid off.
    • Understand that you only need to make a few minor adjustments in order to curb your impulse to buy items at the supermarket that you do not really need.

Reducing your impulse buys of food is something feasible for you to do. By following this advice and planning ahead, you will decrease your spending on food and make fewer impulse buys. You will buy all of the items you need, and you will end up with extra cash in your wallet!


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