7 Secrets for a Happy Marriage


Every newlywed desires to have a happy marriage that lasts for the rest of their lives. Don’t think that a happy marriage just falls out of the sky; successful couples work hard at their relationship. A good marriage takes a certain amount of effort, and it is always helpful to learn new strategies that will help to strengthen your marriage.

Use the following tips to help create a happier marriage, so you and your spouse can experience new energy and purpose in your relationship. You might learn a few new techniques for having a happy marriage that you hadn’t even thought of. We hope that those won’t be secrets for very long.

1. Touch base quickly with your spouse during the day. It means a lot to your partner when you take a few moments to let the person know that he or she is on your mind.

  • Call your spouse for a couple of minutes when you have a work break.
  • You can send a quick text. It is a lot of fun to use text messages because you have the option to make a comment, ask the person a question, or plan a date within a few seconds. Try texting your spouse something like, “I can’t wait to see you,” “Thinking of you,” or perhaps “Let’s go out tonight!” during the day.
  • Keep in touch with a brief email.

2. Make your spouse eager to see you again. Tell your spouse that you have made reservations at a fancy restaurant. It is a lot of fun to plan a date for your spouse and surprise them with it.

3. Occasional surprises will do wonders. For instance, make arrangements for a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast inn, an intimate, plan a candle light dinner by the fireplace in your living room, or send a bouquet of beautiful flowers that lets the other person know how you feel.

4. Make sure your relationship is still fun. One significant part of any long-lasting relationship is that both persons have fun when they spend time together.

  • Make fun of yourself occasionally, tell funny jokes, and do not be afraid to lighten up. Enjoy each other when you’re together.

5. Discuss future plans regarding various types of activities you want to explore as a couple. When you and your spouse share the same goals, this makes you have a more intimate relationship that keeps your marriage intact.

  • Spending a Saturday or Sunday afternoon together is a lot of fun, especially if you discuss your ideas about your next trip while eating a delicious meal at a favorite restaurant.

6. Plan a certain time during every day when both of you can have a meaningful conversation about important issues. For instance, you may want to cook a delicious Italian dinner together and dine by candlelight. Perhaps you both recognize the fact that the time you spend together at the dining room table is a special time that is set aside so you can enjoy each others company.

  • Take a evening walk by the light of the moon, or spend time listening to a Mozart or Beethoven symphony while eating your dessert.
  • Even though each day has its problems, you still need to make sure that you and your spouse are emotionally connected.

7. Find adventure within the relationship. Try a new skill or interest together. When there is adventure, you have an interesting relationship.

Try participating in the following activities together, or think of other types of activities that you are both likely to enjoy

  • Learn how to do the Tango, take a hip-hop dance class or join a square dancing club.
  • Try a vegan lifestyle for one week.
  • Take a class about how you can both make more friends and influence other individuals to help you accomplish your goals.
  • One way to prevent boredom is to change the way you look occasionally. Go out and get a new haircut or color. Sport a new style of clothing.

Married couples who really concentrate on creating strong marriages typically have their own strategies that produce results. If you want to keep a passionate spark alive in your relationship, surprise your spouse with pleasant news, spend time doing something special together every day of the week and have a few shared adventures. Work to ensure that your marriage will be as happy as it can be.


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