15 Brain Boosters


Research tells us that if you don’t keep your brain working, it decreases in function with age, causing memory loss, confusion, and even dementia.

If your brain receives an adequate amount of stimulation, your mood will be more positive, and this positive emotion enables you to feel better about yourself.

The following 15 brain boosting activities can help you:

1. Play interesting and challenging games that offer more stimulation to your brain.
Some examples are:

  • Picture Puzzles
  • Strategy Games
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Solitaire
  • Deduction Games like Clue
  • Visualization Puzzles
  • Optical Illusions

2. Reading stimulates your brain as well as your creativity. Memory retention and problem solving are both strengthened by reading, especially if the story involves a mystery element. Furthermore, if you spend time reading self-help books, you will find that your brain is empowered to help you solve difficult problems and direct your life in a positive direction.

3. Exercise improves your blood flow throughout the body, which increases the level of oxygen in the brain. If you practice exercising for a long time, your brain develops additional neurons that help you to have more creativity.

4. Use meditation techniques to boost your brainpower. Meditation has the potential to increase IQ, alleviate stress, and can help the brain to function on an increased level. Additionally, when you meditate on a regular basis, the prefrontal cortex of your brain receives extra stimulation; this part of your brain causes you to think profound thoughts that serve to enhance your capabilities.

5. Practice deep breathing to make sure your brain gets a sufficient supply of oxygen. When your brain receives additional oxygen, you have more energy along with the ability to concentrate better. To give a boost to your brain’s functionality, do 10 to 15 minutes of deep breathing per day.

6. When you take fish oil supplements, it is basically like taking additional membrane material for the brain. DHA and EPA are the two major constituents found in fish oil, and these elements add more strength to your brain and help you to concentrate.

7. Research indicates that actually causes the brain’s right hemisphere to have more strength; music can literally change the way in which your brain is structured. In addition, it has been shown that people who listen to music have a wider range of emotions than those who do not.

8. Your brain memory and thinking can be enhanced through writing. Any type of writing, such as blogs, or journal entries, benefits brain function by forcing your brain to think.

9. Clear your mind and reduce the fogginess in your brain by getting a good night’s sleep. Memory will suffer along with normal brain function when you aren’t sleeping enough every night.

10. Painting allows creativity to spark in people, so it can be an effective way to boost brain function. It really doesn’t matter if you ever painted anything in the past; you can still try your hand at painting. Not only may you discover that you enjoy it, but it can make you feel more creative.

11. According to researchers, if you begin your day by eating a healthy and satisfying breakfast, your body and brain will have enough fuel to keep them going strong all day long. When breakfast isn’t eaten, you will not have the physical and mental edge that you would if breakfast were consumed.

12. Take a walk to de-clutter your mind and clear your thoughts. Walking is one of the best exercises you can do because it helps your brain to clear out worrisome thoughts while also making your body healthier and stronger.

13. Try drinking a glass of juice. Fruit juice provides your brain with a variety of nutritional benefits. Pomegranate juice, blueberry juice, and cranberry juice are all good to drink since they give you additional focus and energy.

14. When a student consumes caffeine prior to an exam, their test scores are typically higher than students who did not. This is attributed to the fact that caffeine increases brain activity, which in turn improves the brain’s ability to focus and think. But don’t consume too much!

15. Learn how to draw or paint. Drawing engages the parts of your brain responsible for creativity, much like painting. So give your brainpower a boost with some paper and multi-colored pencils.

To optimize the effects of these brain boosting activities, do different ones on a rotating basis. Just doing one won’t have much effect, but if you put them together and switch them up, your brain will get both short and long term boosting.


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