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William R. Patterson

As you know, children often ask their parents for things without regard to the cost. Remember how our parents responded — do you know the value of a dollar? Of course most of us didn’t but around the age of eight William Patterson’s father made sure he understood. He received lessons of a lifetime on how to create wealth by making the right choices, using “what you had” and building on that. His father refused to give him an allowance. Instead, he suggested that William purchase bulk candy and sell it at a lower cost than it was being sold at the local grocery store. This experience ignited Patterson’s passion to become involved in business and it made him who he is today. This young lad knew he wouldn’t need to ask his father for an allowance anymore.

“There were things that my father did to help me understand business principles, financial principles and just life principles,” says Patterson.

“I grew up on the South Side of Chicago in a diverse neighborhood known as Hyde Park. It is probably famous now because of former Senator Barack Obama, now President Obama. I grew up seven to ten blocks from where he lived. There were many iconic figures in the neighborhood, including Mohammad Ali and Minister Farrakhan. I lived among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and I learned from those influences.

I attended St. Ignatius College Prep High School. It was one of the best schools in the city. I also attended Murray Language Academy as a child, where I studied Japanese and had an opportunity to travel to Japan. As a young child, I learned that there was a whole world outside of my neighborhood.

The trip provided an opportunity for me to learn about the Japanese culture and values, not only from a financial perspective, but their concepts of family life, religion and business, among other things. Those were some of the things that I learned to appreciate. It gave me a fairly diverse perspective.”

These experiences helped Patterson become a mastermind at helping others appreciate life and build wealth. He is leaving his mark of excellence throughout America and worldwide.

“Is this the greatest value that you can deliver to the world?” That is the question that he often asks of his clients. “Is there something that could have gotten you to your point of success faster?” Well, his method of achieving success can help you.

Think about this for a moment. What is your greatest value? What is your life’s passion and how can you develop it to create lasting wealth? What can you do or what skills do you have that will have a lasting impact on humanity? Those are questions that Patterson can help you answer.

His methodology for achieving success has had a lifelong impact on major corporations, small business owners, and individuals alike. His genius approach to wealth, success and influence has benefited such clients as The Boeing Company, Morgan Stanley, CBS Radio, Inc., Intel Corporation and countless others. Patterson has dedicated his life to helping people discover their true potential and fulfill their aspirations of achieving success.

Among his many achievements as CEO of The Baron Solution Group, he is ranked as one of the top Business Motivational Speakers in America. Patterson is also a three-time award-winning lecturer who uses his signature Baron Solution approach to coach, train, and motivate small business owners, executives, sales professionals and investors.

The Baron Solution Group was founded by Patterson, D. Marques Patton and Vicky Therese Davis, all co-authors of the international best-selling business and personal finance book, The Baron Son, which is featured in the Forbes Book Club and can be obtained in translated versions around the world.

His hard won efforts in building a successful business have enabled him to interact with billionaires, presidential candidates and Fortune 100 CEO’s, all of whom have endorsed him.

As Chairman and CEO of the Warcoffer Capital Group, LLC (WCG), Patterson leads the company’s corporate strategy and development consulting efforts, including portfolio management, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

He has not only helped others turn dreams into reality, but he also uses his wealth of knowledge to help inspire young people and give them a sense of purpose. His passion is not to achieve wealth but to make a difference.

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