Turning Disappointment into a Winning Strategy for Entrepreneurial Success


Will Overstreet

Have you ever worked so hard for something and just as you see your dream coming to fruition, it’s snatched from you? How did you move on from there? Did have a back-up plan? Do you believe in having plan B or C, or you are determined to make a success of plan A?

Will Overstreet knows all too well the answers to those questions. As a young kid growing up, playing football was his passion. Becoming a professional football player was his dream. From childhood to high school and college, he knew he was destined to play the game.

His dream became a reality when he played as a linebacker with the Atlanta Falcons in 2002. Not long after that Overstreet had to answer the question, “What do I do now?” As a result of numerous shoulder injuries his football career ended abruptly about one year into his professional career.

It wasn’t as if he could quickly find a position similar to the one he had in football. His next decision would require deep thought and contemplation. He would have to answer the following questions: “What am I going to do with the rest of my life? What will be my next chosen field?”

Overstreet recalls, “You work for years and years and you’re good enough to be there, and you have the talent and ability, and you spend all that time working to get there. It’s your dream job. However, shortly after making it, you exit. Really and truly, it’s not like having a job that you succeed at in the business world, where you’re terminated by IBM or another company and you’re leading a team or you’re a salesperson. You can find another job with another company, probably pretty close to the same salary. When football ends, you lose a lot of things. There’s no way to take your experience in football and make anywhere close the same amount of money. You have to start all over.”

Start over he did, but in the process Overstreet devised an idea that has enabled him and his team to create a communications business that is allowing companies to engage millions of customers through his company’s communications solutions.

Today, as the CEO of Voices Heard Media, Overstreet shares his thoughts on the lessons he’s learned from playing football, dealing with disappointments, having to begin a new career, starting a new business, and how he plans to move the company forward.


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