Leads the Ziglar Empire Into the Future


Tom Ziglar

Zig Ziglar. The name is unmistakable and the vision behind it, a powerful one.

Decades ago, a young man by the name of Zig Ziglar had a well-defined vision and purpose that would eventually impact the lives of over a quarter billion people, both personally and professionally. He built a company, The Ziglar Corporation, which provides personal and professional development and performance training to corporations and individuals.

The success of his empire was built on a solid foundation of impeccable ethics, integrity, caring and sharing his knowledge with all mankind. As one of the world’s iconic businessman, Ziglar’s impact on history will live on forever.

After decades of touching lives in countless ways, Zig Ziglar passed the baton to his son, Tom who is now leading the company into new territories. With the popularity of the internet, social media and other media platforms, the Ziglar Corporation has the capability to affect more lives than ever before.

The company’s philosophy of building strong characters, positive attitudes and enhancing skills hasn’t changed but the lives that these values impacted have changed dramatically.

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