Guidelines for Submitting a Story Idea or an Article

Exceptional People Magazine is a quarterly magazine.  The tone of our magazine is exceptional and extraordinary yet practical, positive and uplifting.  Submitting articles or story ideas to Exceptional People Magazine is an excellent way to get you and your company recognized by a highly desirable market nationally and internationally.

Our Readership

Our audience includes men and women age 25 to 49. We have a readership of 75 % women and 25% men.

What We Publish

Exceptional Story Ideas

Business (Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, etc.) -  profiles of and interviews with extraordinary business people who have made a difference in the corporate and business world.  Feel free to submit your own business success story or recommend someone who you believe has achieved exceptional business success and why.  Send us your business stories by using the form below.    

Community - profiles of people who are making a difference in their individual communities and around the world.  Are you reaching out as an individual or non-profit organization or to those less fortunate?  Submit an article and let us know how you are making a difference and changing the lives of others.  Inspire other people to make a difference in their community. Send us your community stories by using the form below. 

Personal Triumph Stories -  profiles of people who have overcome adversity and are using their experiences to inspire others.  Have you ever been faced with catastrophic situations, or a circumstance you thought you’d never overcome, but through faith and determination you overcame them?  Give hope and inspiration to others by sharing your story or encouraging someone to share their story. Send us your inspirational stories by using the form below.  

Note regarding story submissions:  Your story idea submission does not guarantee publication nor will it be published as it is submitted.  Your submission information will be reviewed and used only as a determination for considering you for an interview and for requesting additional information should we decide to do a story on you.
Expert and How-To Articles

Expert Knowledge and How-To articles – 500-1,000 Words:  Articles that offer our readers relevant information relating to business, professional development, and empowerment on how to achieve success in various areas of life.  If you have knowledge in areas that are of key interest to business owners and entrepreneurs, career professionals and other success-minded individuals and you would like to share your expertise, send us your articles.  Topics can include all subjects relating to business, money, careers, leadership, community, family and relationships, etc. Send us your articles by using the form below.        

General Interest Articles

General Interest articles – 500 - 700 Words:  Articles that are informative but of general interest to everyone.  Topics can include inspiration, clean humor, etc. Send us your articles by using the form below.          

Submission Information

Note:  We regret that not all articles submitted will be published.  Due to the high level of submissions, we also regret that our staff is unable to respond to queries about submissions by telephone or email. We will notify you if we decide to publish your work. At that time you will also be notified if we have decided to publish your article on our website, in a future issue or both.

Please submit articles and stories using the form below.  Emails with attachments will not be accepted or opened. All submissions will be reviewed and we reserve the right to edit articles for content and length without prior notice to the writer, prior to publication.  Our magazine is published in January, March, May, July, September and November. There is no specific article submission deadline as we accept submissions on an ongoing basis.

Prior Publishing: The writer must inform Exceptional People Magazine if the article has been published in another publication prior to submission to Exceptional People Magazine or if copyright is retained by another entity. Prior publication will not eliminate publication of the article in Exceptional People Magazine however, the writer must obtain written permission from the copyright holder. We currently accept previously published material. 

Photos: For all magazine story ideas, please indicate at the end of your story or biography if you have photos that will help tell your story. Should we decide to interview you, we will contact you for photos.  All photos must be of high quality – no less than 300dpi.  In your submission please provide your contact information including your full name, company name, email address and daytime phone number so that we may contact you for further information.

Copyright:  The writer retains copyright to his or her article. With the submission of an article, the writer grants Atela Productions, Inc. the right to publish said material and acknowledges the article is an original work of the writer and the writer has the right to submit the material.

Note regarding article submissions:  Your article submission does not guarantee publication. We do not pay for article contributions.

We recommend that you thoroughly review our website and read Exceptional People Magazine before sending us an article or story for consideration as this will give you an in-depth idea of what we publish.

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