Technological Ingenuity That Transforms How Kids View the World


Scott Jochim

For over a decade Scott Jochim has been transforming the way kids learn and view the world. Through his remarkable technological ingenuity, he has made great strides in everything from motion simulators that have been used by Toyota, Intel and Disney, to offering students the opportunity to use virtual reality as a learning tool.

As a technological extraordinaire, Jochim also developed a product called Krysalis, a virtual reality cancer relaxation system to help cancer patients during chemotherapy. The success of Krysalis lead to a new product, the Virtual Reality Development Lab, which allows kids to create virtual field trips around the world. It is a system that help students and teachers learn and teach through environmental and spatial technologies.

As the founder of Digital Tech Frontier, LLC, Scott’s products have facilitated many groundbreaking developments in the public sector and in corporate America, including over 200 school districts that are using his Virtual Reality Development Lab.

The Augmented Reality Development Lab is yet another product he developed which revolutionizes the way students interact with their curriculum and enables them to learn and retain information at an advanced level.

As the innovator of Popar Toys, Jochim created an award-winning series of augmented reality books and toys that interact with the Augmented Reality technology, which uses a computer or mobile device, a webcam and special patterned markers. These books give young kids an incredible reading experience — allowing them see 3D objects and animations that pop from the books, thereby greatly enhancing their learning experience.

Jochim’s ingenious groundbreaking technological developments have had an amazing impact on lives through education, entertainment, and training. As an innovator, he is constantly seeking ways to use technology to improve the way we live and learn.

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