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Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis has almost two decades of experience as a professional who works in different capacities within the nonprofit, social service, and philanthropical areas.

He has successfully led the BLOOM Initiative of the California Community Foundation (CCF), a venture that took five years and five million dollars with the mission to give direction to young black men who became involved with the Los Angeles county probation system.

The goal of BLOOM was to enable these young men to position themselves to find long-term employment and pursue their education. His leadership roles included overseeing the strategic activities for the initiatives, tracking the progress regarding desired outcomes, managing and identifying grantee partner relationships, identifying partnerships with additional strategic partners, and serving as the key liaison with principal stakeholders in the community. In addition, Lewis was in charge of grants for the CCF, concentrating on young people who were aged out of the foster care system, older adults in poverty, and those with developmental disabilities.

Lewis has a varied and culturally diverse perspective and his knowledge of investing, community functions, and customer service has enabled organizations to build solid foundations on which they can achieve long-term success as financially fit nonprofit entities who serve their communities. Such traits make him a unique spokesperson whose strong voice echoes within nonprofit and philanthropic circles in Los Angeles. Robert makes organizations more efficient by utilizing his insights, along with a practical sense of what the nonprofit investor community requires, which results in improved positioning in terms of investment possibilities, as well as more effective strategies in all areas of the business.

Robert’s educational background include a Bachelors Degree in Sociology with Occidental Collage and a Masters in Social Work from Howard University with a concentration in management and administration.


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