Right Hand to the Champ


Tasha Robinson White

Tasha Robinson White has had a fascinating life so far. Starting at LaFace Records at the height of their popularity, she gained valuable experience and key industry connections, too.

A decision to leave college and move with her family to Las Vegas was pivotal in shaping her future. A chance encounter with the 19-year-old Floyd Mayweather at an after party she held would turn out to be a life-changer for her.

His dream was to start a record label and become an all-around entertainer. He knew she had the experience and connections to help him realize that dream. From that time on, she was the right hand to the champ.

Tasha had the vision to see the big picture, the success that Mayweather would eventually realize, at a time when he was simply known as the champ. And, although her 12 years working with him were exhilarating, there were some challenges along the way.

Marital problems arose when her husband, a choreographer and dancer, stopped dancing and stayed home more. The gossip surrounding Tasha and Mayweather only served to fuel the fire, but with the help of family, friends and counseling, they were able to face their problems and keep their marriage intact.

Tasha decided to write it all down, and a family member submitted her book proposal to Susan Taylor, the former editor of Essence Magazine. She told Tasha it was eloquently written, but it needed to include the life lessons that made her the woman she is today.

In her book, Right Hand to the Champ, Tasha knew she had to be honest and put it all out there, because her experiences had transformed her in so many ways. She also wanted to spread her message to other women to use their brains, not their bodies to get ahead in life.

Her book is just the beginning. She is working on a second book, a guide to working in the entertainment industry, and has several other projects in the works.

Tasha’s message to others is, instead of just going through life’s journey, grow through life’s journey. The experiences and the people you meet are what make it all worthwhile, she says.

Although Mayweather has yet to read her book, she sincerely hopes he does, because it is not a tell-all. To the contrary, it is about her story, her journey and how she grew from it.

In the process of writing the book, Tasha continued to learn and to grow. People who read it can relate to her struggles and successes, her grief over her brother and her father, and her joy of becoming a strong, knowledgeable woman, wife and mother.

The lessons she learned along the way are lessons that can help everyone. Tasha put her heart and soul into the book in order to help her readers see what’s really important in life. You can’t take money with you when you die, but you can change people’s lives and make the world a far better place, she says. You can leave a legacy of love.

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