Rebelizing the Way Entrepreneurs Do Business


Rebel Brown

Her name says it all. When it comes to business, she is a rebel who has chosen to take the road less traveled and she’s helping her clients obtain amazing results.

Beneath the fiery red hair and bright smile is a tenacious woman who believes in changing the status quo. It’s not about how we’ve always done it, but what’s happening around you and how you can realign and restructure your business to meet the needs of today’s customers.

Defy Gravity — it’s not only the name of her latest book, but it is the basis of her approach to business. If you continue to conduct business “as usual,” then you’re missing out on many profitable opportunities. Your customers’ needs change and so should your business approach to fulfilling their needs.

From quickly gaining market share, to introducing a new product and changing the way you think about increasing revenue, Rebel shares insights on how entrepreneurs and business owners can improve their business returns by defying gravity in the marketplace.
The examples she shares will help you turn your business into a magnet for success.

From ramp-up and roar, rescue and restore, to redefine and rejuvenate — Rebel explains how she uses her leadership skills and tactical strategy to deliver optimum solutions for “high velocity growth.”

Rebel has worked with over 100 business clients in Europe and the U.S., helping to fund and launch companies and she’s ready to help entrepreneurs channel their energies in new directions.

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