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Rose Espinoza - Rosie's Garage
Rose Espinoza

Simply put, Rosie’s Garage is a place for young kids to focus on the positive things in life through education and learning.  In 1990 Rose Espinoza placed her life on hold to help revitalize a community overtaken by drugs and gangs. 

After purchasing a home in the La Habra community of Orange County, California, Rose quickly realized there was much to be done and education was her ammunition to help change her community.

Already working a day job with plans to further her education, Rose did not anticipate being involved with the effort after two years, but to her astonishment the program has lasted 17 years.

Rose says, “My greatest reward is knowing they are changing their view of life and learning that there’s more to life than gangs and hanging on the streets.  I’ve learned that kids really want to learn.”

“If the kids keep asking, I’ll keep coming,” says Rose.  She is truly an amazing individual who gives of her time and effort freely so that the future may shine bright for tomorrow’s leaders.

Hezekiah Griggs - Today's Youth, Leaders of Tomorrow
Hezekiah Griggs

Hezekiah Griggs is a young man with a purpose and the fortitude to help America’s youth prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.  Mr. Griggs, as he is often called, is not only destined for great success but is also committed to leading today’s youth in a positive direction.

Hezekiah is determined to make a difference by getting youth to participate in serious dialogue concerning events that affect us all.  Rather than watching cartoons or playing games, at the age of nine Hezekiah was thinking about operating his own business. Mr. Griggs is one of America's youngest CEOs. He started his first business at the age of nine and sold it at the age of 11.  At 19 he continues to break new ground.

Prior to founding HG3 Media, LLC, Hezekiah served as the Founder, President and CEO of The American Justice Company (TAJC). TAJC, which specialized in publishing Project American Justice, preceded T.R.U.E. Magazine.  In 1999, Mr. Griggs founded Griggs Cinematography, which specialized in media services.   In 2003, he founded Justice, Inc., and served as its president. 

In 2005, Mr. Griggs received a Youth Optimist Award on behalf of the 2nd Ward Association of Passaic County, New Jersey.  He was recently presented with the Youth Leadership Award by the Passaic Branch of the NAACP.

A determined and focused individual, Hezekiah Griggs has proven that the youth of today can take charge, and he is definitely poised to lead America’s youth into a promising future.

Mona Purdy - Saving the Soles of Thousands
Mona Purdy

“It’s not what my kids have, it’s teaching them what they can give,” Mona says.  “We’ve all become better people.  When you want to nourish your own soul, reach out and do something for someone else.”

It was a defining moment.  It was a trip that left a lasting impression on Mona Purdy.  She never imagined while traveling through Guatemala to help a cycling team that she would witness such heart-wrenching living conditions of the families in that region of the world.  During her travel, she met an American orthopedic surgeon who regularly visited to the region to perform amputations of infected limbs of children.

“The kids had feet I’ve never seen before.  They painted hot tar on the bottom of their feet to run.  I was trying to run without crying because I kept thinking of my kid’s feet and all the things my kids have in abundance.  “I have always taught my children to be aware of people and their situations.  On the way home I kept thinking of the song by Diana Ross - Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this world a better place if you can.”  Change the world is what Mona Purdy intends to do, two soles at a time.   “Something changed in me.  When I arrived home, my kids also noticed the change in me.

Upon returning home, Mona went into action, asking families and neighborhood schools to donate used children’s shoes.  She collected and hand delivered to an orphanage in Honduras.  What she thought was a one-time trip has turned into her life’s work.  Thus, Share Your Soles was borne, an organization that collects used and new shoes to deliver around the world so that no human being should be without them. 

There are no limitations for Share Your Soles when it comes to putting shoes on the feet of people who need them.  If there’s a need, they’re willing to fill it.  Mona Purdy’s children have traveled with her on many occasions to deliver the shoes.  “They’re learning from me how not to judge people.”

CeCe Peniston - A Soulful and Captivating Diva
CeCe Peniston

As a multi-platinum recording artist, her singing career has lead to many extraordinary opportunities including performing at the Vatican and being the first female entertainer to visit and perform in South Africa after the abolition of apartheid.

Her passion for music began while in the sixth grade growing up in Phoenix, Arizona.  Her family has played an important role in her success through ongoing encouragement, an important element to achieving goals.  The message being, no matter what you aspire to do, try to find someone who believes in you and your dreams.

Performing in front of millions is only one of her passions.  Ms. Peniston’s true passion lies within her charitable work.  She has also blazed a trail in this arena.  Through her LOTS Foundation (Lifting Others to Succeed) she has shared her success with many organizations involving HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, women and children in need, hunger and the equality of mankind. “Helping people have been a part of my spirit since I was young.  CeCe in turn is spreading the love she receives from family and friends to those less fortunate.  Since 1993, Ms. Peniston has been entertaining those who serve to protect us – America’s troops.

Her Thoughts on Longevity – “Have a good foundation of people around you who will tell you the truth no matter what.  Continue to love what you do and be willing to grow and make changes within yourself.  You should also have a good spiritual foundation.  Accept the good and the bad and analyze it.  Once you know the peaks and valleys are going to be there, then you accept it a whole lot better.”

Damon Williams - Bringing Laughter to Generations
Damon Williams

With 14 years in the entertainment business as a comedian, Damon still hasn’t given his best performance.  His style appeals to people from all backgrounds and nationalities. He says, “Growing up in Chicago has shaped me to be who I am today.  It is a world class city, it’s diverse; you meet a lot of characters, some negative and some positive.  I’ve incorporated all of those elements into my life and now I can talk about them on stage.  It has molded me to be tenacious and you have to strive to do well because the cost of living in the big city is no joke.  Chicago ain’t no joke but a lot of jokes come from here.”

Damon has become one of the elite comedians in the nation.  He states, “It hasn’t been quick, that’s for sure.  I started out in Chicago.  You have to learn the business.  There are a lot of comedians out there but what sets people apart is professionalism, where if a person calls and asks you for a package you try to get it to them in a timely fashion.  I also began to promote comedy shows so that I could get extra exposure.  Having the opportunity to do television early on really helped; that, combined with the fact that I had the knack for being a business person and really pursuing opportunities when they arose.”

Before he was a stand-up comedian, Damon owned a Subway sandwich shop for two years.  Damon says, “In the Mid-West in Chicago, Subway was not a household name.  I wasn’t doing well year round.  Summers were good but during the winter months we would lose money.  I accumulated debt and eventually sold the store.  I then had the free time to do comedy.  After doing it once, I went at it full speed. 

“Being a comedian has taught me confidence and perseverance.  There were some bleak times.  It wasn’t like an overnight success.  There was a time when I had put in an application for employment and I was about to accept a position that probably would have stifled my comedy career.  But I decided to dismiss the job interview and continue to persevere.  Shortly after that I got my first appearance,” Damon says.

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