Are Poor Open Rates and Worse Conversions Deep-Sixing Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

"Learn How To Create a List of Enthusiastic Readers Who Can't Wait to Open Every Email So They Can Buy From You"


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Dear Entrepreneur:

Of course you use a mailing list. Any good internet marketer understands how valuable a list is and has been working hard to create theirs. But if you’re the same as a majority of entrepreneurs, you could probably do with better numbers. Perhaps you don’t have the number of subscribers you’re hoping for. Or perhaps they aren’t reading as many of the messages you send as you think. Or perhaps they’re just not purchasing. Whatever is going on, you’re in good company. Lots of list owners face such problems.

Here’s what’s going on. Email just keeps coming in. We’re always getting emails from friends and relatives, bosses, shops, utility companies, banks, and service people. And of course there is always more spam.

It’s harder and harder to get people to open your emails now that there are so many unsolicited and even harmful emails in circulation. That’s the reason a method is required.

Making Sense of the Confusion

You won’t be able to improve your opt-in, open, and conversion rates until you have figured out what is going wrong. The problem is that lots of marketers, including me, just keep changing their email campaigns but aren’t using a logical method. This is the “throw it all at the wall and see what sticks” strategy and it fails every time. Actually, it will just leave you with more chaos and confusion than before.

It would be better to go about your email marketing campaign in a logical, well-planned manner that lets you hone in on the wants and needs of your subscribers, and give them solutions to their problems in ways that are relevant to them. You’ll have to figure that out before you see things get better.

Irresistible Emails:

Proven Steps to Get Your Subscribers to Read and Take Action on Your Emails


  • Section One of this report answers these concerns, and guides you through a process that will help you discover what your subscribers look for, and what they expect from you. After you’ve gone through these easy steps, you will really understand your readers and have more clarity about your campaign’s direction.
  • Section Two shows you what’s missing in your campaigns. You will find technical help with matters like escaping your subscribers’ spam filters, actually getting them to open your email, and figuring out when it’s best to send (you’d be surprised at how it can vary). The key to the report is in this section, and if you follow no other advice, do what it says here to get a better response rate.
  • Section Three shows you how to use the data your auto responder service (testing and tracking), your affiliates, and your subscribers all give you. I’ll teach you how to understand the little hints your subscribers give you, like the emails they don’t open, so you can focus on successful approaches and skip the time-wasters.
  • Section Four gives you the frequently disregarded secrets about getting your email marketing campaign to generate responses. These tips may not be cutting edge but they produce results, which means you shouldn’t mistakenly consider them old fashioned and thus irrelevant. Marketing pros understand how valuable these strategies are, and they use them to create lists that are responsive and profitable. Now that’s possible for you also!

Masterful List-Building Tools 

Each single section of this report can provide an exponential boost to your email marketing strategy. However, when they are integrated into a single campaign, they can turn an average list into a vehicle for pulling profits.

Now let’s not think you don’t have your own work to do. Of course you can’t just flip a magic switch and expect miracles to happen. You have to carefully learn about your readers, the messages, and your general strategy. You must patiently crunch the numbers and test out various methods. You can’t just create a list of responders in an instant, but you can do it over time. I’ll show you the way to do it.

Inside Irresistible Emails, you’ll find a complete guide to putting together a dynamite mailing list, including:

  • How to segment an unmanageable list into several smaller lists – and how these smaller lists can turn more profit for you.
  • How to team up with other e-mailers to everyone’s advantage – and how to appeal to super-affiliates, even if your list is small.
  • How to inspire new readers from the get-go, and make sure they return for more.

And we’ll look at the errors lots of marketers make when using their email list. Even those experienced in marketing can make these mistakes, but you can avoid all the pitfalls, such as using HTML in emails. It seems innocuous, but it may ensure that your email winds up in the spam folder. I’ll let you know what you must do differently to make sure the mail is read.

Boost Your Returns with Advanced Strategies 


You will find Irresistible Emails chock-full of information and extremely easy to read. This is an absolutely essential report for email marketers. From creating that hard-hitting headline to that last call for action, my report tells you everything you must know to succeed in email marketing. You will find out….

  • Turning “trash” to treasure – how to use your unsubscribe figures to get priceless tracking clues
  • Reasons for having many lists, and how to use a multi-level list setup so that your customers move efficiently through your sales funnel.
  • Nine dynamic promotional strategies that will increase your list, many of which won’t cost you anything at all.
  • Six mistakes that will assure your newsletter ends up in the spam folder; and being labeled as a spammer can cause you no end of problems, so that’s a no-no!


I’ll also teach you the importance of an effective call to action, and how to encourage your subscriber to act with a few easy tips such as . . .

  • Timing your emails so they’re most effective and you don’t look like a beginner at this!
  • Ways to get your readers emotionally involved so they get just the data they need and want.
  • How to catch your prospective customer’s attention and make her feel your email is urgent and vital to her.

It’s more difficult than ever for today’s list owners. Subscribers are busier than ever before; there’s more email; and there are more competitors. You must change your email marketing campaigns to truly maximize the fruits of your efforts. It isn’t enough anymore to just put out a few emails monthly to promote a couple of products. You have to really connect with the readers who find you. There’s just one method for making sure your list stays profitable.

And this is precisely the information I’m giving you in this comprehensive email report. If I haven’t absolutely persuaded you that these tips will reinvigorate your list and boost your profits, maybe my unconditional…

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

When you buy my report, you get an absolutely risk-free, no questions money-back 30-day guarantee!

The special report I’ve just put out will assist you in turning subscribers into a purchasing list that is targeted and responsive so you can use it repeatedly.

However, if my report doesn’t satisfy you or make you a better email marketer, please use my 30-day absolute Guarantee – ask for and get an immediate refund!

Bear in mind, you can send me an email and get an immediate refund ANYTIME whatsoever in the following 30 days, even at zero dark thirty–guaranteed no hassle, because I am grateful that you gave it a try! No matter what, my Special Report is yours to keep, and if I didn’t have full confidence that my product is exactly what will help you right now, I wouldn’t be making this guarantee.

So get your copy now and begin to plan the next email marketing campaign. You’ll quickly have more satisfied customers than you could ever have thought of. You can then hone your list so it reflects only the really interested, which saves time and money for you. More recipients will open your emails, so you’ll know they’re seeing what you want to say to them. Plus you’ll find great improvement in the conversion rates you get. You’ll get more click-throughs, you’ll also sell more, and increase your list when you do these new things.

Yes, I’d like my copy immediately so I can find out how others in marketing, like myself, use such methods to create a better business.

I understand that this Special Report will teach me about:

  • Boosting my open rates – and how to avoid letting my email get buried in the reader’s overflowing inbox.
  • Drawing in new subscribers and ways the list I have now helps with this.
  • How to add to my revenue stream as I pare down the number of my mailings.
  • The when and where of promoting my list and making use of super-affiliate power.
  • Seven errors that can hurt my budget and my reputation, and how I can avoid making them.

However, most importantly, this report will keep me from lagging behind my competition while I waste my precious time and money. Rather, I’ll quickly find out what the key features of email marketing are so I can grow my prosperous business!

Only $17.00


You’ll be thrilled at how your prospects increase if you use my guide as part of your email marketing campaign design. I’ll show you how email can boost your customers and profits, and make your business the first thing they think of when they need what you sell – the jump-start on your profit!

Most importantly, email marketing provides:

  • An effective manner of communicating with your current and past customers, and gain the trust of new readers over time.
  • Helpful means of tracking that will give you immediate awareness of what your subscribers’ purchasing habits are so that you can maximize what works and make more profit starting now.
  • Heightened sales via thoughtfully developed promotions – offer your readers a perfect blend of usable content and offers they can’t turn down, and soon you will be their go-to information resource, and ready to become customers.

You may have an existing email list, but odds are it could be better. It may be that your opt-in rates or your click-throughs aren’t what you’d like them to be, or you don’t know how to put together an offer; in either event, my report will assure you are maximizing your subscriber list.

And if your list doesn’t exist yet, you can save lots of time and energy by creating your list correctly right from the start. No matter where you’re at, this report is what you need. My business has skyrocketed this way, and I’m sure yours will also.

Here’s to your email marketing success,




Remember:  You have my absolute Guarantee. If my report doesn’t make you feel you have a much better idea of how email marketing works and how it can boost your business – if it isn’t everything I’ve warranted – just email me and I will refund your money on the spot. Plus, I give you a full 30 days to make your decision. So try it out. I’m betting you’ll appreciate it!

Only $17.00