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extraordinary profiles

Ivan Rusilko - Mr. U.S.A.

Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

Underneath that gorgeous, rugged look, is a smart young man with talent, skills, compassion, and lot’s of energy and drive. Oh, and there’s a lot of muscle too. He’s Ivan Rusilko, Mr. U.S.A 2008. Let’s face it, in the eyes of most young ladies today, he’s a “hunk”. Last, but certainly not least, he loves helping people. What more can you ask for in a gentleman?

He’s an intelligent young man who is grounded, level-headed and knows what he wants. Ivan Rusilko is living his passion and setting a standard for living life to it fullest.

David Younce

Proudly Serving His Country

He was born into a military family so one would think he might simply follow in their footsteps. Well he did, but not for the reasons you might think. As a young kid, David Younce loved the Army and had a strong desire to serve his country. That’s why he decided to join the Army.

He began his career as an MP in the Army National Guard. He went on active duty and his life as a full-time infantryman began in 1984.

From there he would serve in various parts of the world, including Germany and Kuwait. But there was one place that would change Lieutenant Colonel David Younce‘s life forever in more ways than he or anyone else could ever imagine. It was Iraq.

Judy Kendall

Giving Zambian Orphans a New Life

Judy Kendall’s commitment to making life better for others is exemplary. Three years ago after witnessing news stories of abandoned orphans in African countries, she made a decision and personal commitment to change her life and make a difference in the lives of those who were helpless and suffering.

Ray Buchanan

Ending World Hunger - A Personal Approach

We all have goals that we’d like to achieve but can you imagine setting a goal such as ending world hunger. Former Marine and Reverend Ray Buchanan is dedicated to doing just that. “We have a vision of ending hunger in our lifetime,” he states.

He’s an ex-Marine with a heart of gold, determined to eradicate hunger and change the world from a personal approach. Eliminate hunger, you say? Rev. Buchanan says it’s possible. Through his organization, End Hunger Now, Buchanan and thousands of volunteers have provided millions of meals to hungry people around the world.

Alastair Galpin

Breaking World Records for Worthy Causes

He’s a dreamer, an innovator and a humanitarian.

Most of us have never broken a world record. For Alastair Galpin, it is his life’s passion and mission to break as many records as possible. He has broken more records than you can imagine, but not just for the sake of breaking them. Some may think he’s quirky, others may think he’s just a little extreme, but there’s a distinct reason for everything he does. Alastair uses his love of breaking records to bring exposure to various charities around the world.

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A Salute to Valor  |  Business Spotlights  |  More Extraordinary Profiles: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13
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