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Sonia Satra

Sonia Satra, a professional speaker, certified life coach and actress, grew up in an active family. Her mother encouraged her to get out and exercise every day, and even in the winter, they played tennis in the snow. She played tennis competitively and took every sports-related class she could. Sonia was a member of the college ski team and taught aerobics while there.

She starred in contract roles, such as the CBS Daytime Drama, Guiding Light, and ABC’s, One Life to Live. In addition to many roles and guest appearances on other network shows, plays, films and commercials, she has produced many plays, the film, Pride and Loyalty, as well as a TV pilot. She is also the founder of Nite Owl Productions, LTD.

As an actress and mom-to-be, she discovered the positive power of life coaching. Exercising on the treadmill one day, she realized that movement was a way to focus and rewire your brain. At that moment in time, she realized she could combine her love of movement with improving one’s mindset.

Sonia received her professional coaching certification from The School for Transformation and became a Dale Carnegie Coach. She qualified for the National Speakers Association and has won several speaking awards. Sonia is the President of the New York Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a former President of Federal Toastmasters Club of New York.

As president of the NSA, it was a key question at the awards luncheon that cemented her vision. When asked how she wanted to celebrate this special day, she suggested climbing the rock wall by the Chelsea Piers.

The conversation that ensued spawned Moticise, a concept that was on her mind for quite some time. She knew she could combine the joy of movement with inspiration and self-discovery, as well as self-empowerment. From wall-climbing, to kayaking to the Statue of Liberty, her clients have discovered parts of themselves they never knew existed. By moving out of their comfort zones, they learn to stretch and strengthen their abilities.

Sonia believes everyone should take a chance. She knows that people are capable of doing a lot more than they think they are, and she wants everyone to live their best lives by sharing their individual experiences, intelligence and creativity in their own unique ways – and she is leading by her shining example.

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