Performs an Amazing Rescue Mission in Afghanistan


Eric Doe

A Dedicated Soldier, Husband and Father

It was a mission that would test the physical stamina, mental strength and fortitude of Eric Doe, as well as his fellow comrades.

Almost ten hours in total darkness this helicopter pilot and his team performed a mission that would earn him the Dustoff Award. Though the mission occurred in total darkness, to those being rescued it seemed as though a bright light had appeared and they saw angels of mercy.

AFGHANISTAN – It was during the time of year when the days were short and the nights were long. The mountain where the rescue would take place was steep, the cliffs sharp, and narrow. An ambush had ensued, but that wasn’t the worst of the situation. Several men had been wounded and some were lying on the side of the mountain. Some of the men joined the long list of American heroes who had lost their lives fighting for freedom.

As the survivors clung to life, their fate was in the hands of First Lieutenant Eric Doe, Staff Sergeant Peter Rohrs, Captain Clayton Horney, Sergeant Shon Crowley, Specialist Matt Johns, Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Ryan, Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Carson and Sergeant Isaac Johnson. These wounded men possibly fall to their death but it was the long-awaited, yet timely arrival of these eight soldiers that rescued them.

This is the story of First Lieutenant Eric Doe, a dedicated U.S. Army helicopter pilot, comrade, father and husband who served his country.

Although a soldier will never fully know what might be encountered on the battle field or during a rescue mission, Eric Doe had been prepared to serve his country. However, when he learned that his son was diagnosed with autism, it was a battle he never expected to encounter. “I was in denial,” he stated. Once realization set in he and his wife Jenny began planning to help their son Gavin effectively deal with autism.

After serving a ten-year stint in the Army, Doe was destined to continue on a path of success. He decided to take on a different mission by starting his own business and opening a Quiznos franchise restaurant. This experience too, was one he hadn’t completely prepared for but his passion and desire to succeed helped him overcome the hurdles he faced as a new business owner.

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