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Emma Fraser-Pendleton

Her experiences and knowledge are as varied as the people she has positively impacted. From dealing with academic issues in New York’s inner-city to working with women at the lowest points in their lives, Emma Fraser Pendleton has opened the eyes of individuals who may have felt they had no direction in life. She helped them realize their true worth and inner strength. She helped people realize that their lives can be what they have envisioned them to be.

As a child, Emma spent thirteen of your formative years in foster homes with her two brothers, George and Joseph but even then, she was full of resilience and determination to make the best of every situation. She willingly assumed the role of protector, ensuring that her younger brothers were cared for. Her perseverance and resilience, along with that of her brothers, sustained them during their darkest moments. She did not allow her childhood circumstances to determine the outcome of her future.

Her mantra? “Down is a temporary state from which the strong rise and shine.”

Today, Emma is the consummate professional and public servant whose life experiences, wisdom and work as a transformational coach have affected women in a way that enables to them to envision unlimited possibilities. She has developed and implemented a self-esteem program for women living in shelters. Her caring spirit and commitment to bringing about change has followed her throughout her life.

As a former Project Manager for TurnAround for Children, she served as a mentor on leadership skills for administrators and she trained personnel to address the social, emotional and academic needs of at-risk students and their parents in the New York City public school system.

In l989, Emma was awarded a full academic Fellowship to the Harvard Graduate School of Education. In l990, she was awarded an additional Fellowship by the Ford Foundation to continue her studies at Harvard. During her residency at Harvard, she served as a teaching fellow and a member of the faculty. She was also a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council, Secretary to the Black Student’s Union, and a noted panelist on the International Forum of Changing Trends in Education.

After earning multiple advanced degrees and certifications from various universities, including but not limited to Hofstra University, Queens College and St. Johns University and Columbia University, she set out to make a difference in the world. Her incredible achievements are a testament to the total dedication with which she serves humanity.

Emma poignantly speaks to varied audiences on topics such as education, leadership development, group dynamics, and women’s issues.

Her zest for life is infectious. It motivates others to discover their purpose in life, renew their dreams, overcome negative circumstances, and pursue positive life experiences.

Her life experiences are proof that faith and perseverance through hard times will allow you to prevail. Just like her brother George, Emma has blazed her own trail and others can proudly follow.

In 2012, Emma and her brother George co-authored their first children’s book; Who Would Have Thunk It! The First Adventures of the Fraser Foster Kids, a groundbreaking book about their 13 years in the foster care system. She is currently writing her second book, Dogfits: Letters from Tucker.

Her outstanding accomplishments also include being presented with several distinguished awards: The Distinguished Black Women award, by BISA (Black Women in Sisterhood for Action); The Barnes Historical Society, Queens Legend Award, 2004; The Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Award, 2005; and the E.C. Reems Women’s International Ministries Award-New York Chapter, for Dedication and Service to Women in Ministry, 1994. In 2009, she was ordained as a minister at the New Covenant Church of God, in East Elmhurst where she currently serves as the director of the Women’s Ministry.

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