From Hard Earned Success to Financial Devastation and Back


Dr. Janice Elenbaas

Life sometimes has a way of catching us off guard, but it is often these types of situations that give us an entirely new perspective on life and allow us to learn more about ourselves.

As a successful career woman working in her own chiropractic business, Dr. Janice Elenbaas was creating a successful life for herself and her family and she served as a strong role model for them.

Her children were her priority, and her ambition was to provide them with great opportunities.

Elenbaas states, “I had a really busy and successful chiropractic practice, between adjusting dogs and horses, as well as people. I formed the first Chiropractic Association in Ontario. It was a very busy life with raising the kids and doing virtually two practices.”

She had to make a decision to either keep working and risk having a heart attack, or follow her doctor’s advice to leave her practice and focus on her well-being.

“It was difficult because I was the primary bread-winner, and I employed my husband. My daughter worked for us and my best friend worked at the practice. I realized that if I didn’t stop and do something different, that I wouldn’t be around,” recalled Elenbaas.

After selling her practice and devoting some time to focusing on her health and what she wanted to do next, she and her husband experienced new opportunities, including investing in a modular home business which became very successful.

But then it happened — Elenbaas’ life began to unravel. They had invested a lot of their savings into their new business. The recession hit, bringing their business to an immediate halt. They lost everything. With no other source of income, they found themselves in the midst of poverty. They went from having it all, to having nothing.

“We were desolate in terms of we had no clue as to what we were going to be doing. I was in my fifties. Nothing like this had ever happened before. I had been a very successful practitioner for years and we’ve always had money to do what we needed to do. It was devastation, not only financially but certainly for my self-esteem, my idea of who I was in the world, and my ability to look after my children.”


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