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CJ Scarlet

It is often said that from devastation, hardship or adversity comes a renewed vision and an abundance of blessings. Our challenges are a test of our faith and our ability to persevere so we can become aware of the blessings that await us.

Who knows better than CJ Scarlet what adversity means and how it can impact one’s life. From childhood to adulthood, she has experienced one devastation after another. She became a victim of sexual abuse and was raped three times, including being raped by a recruiter while serving in the Marines. Much later in life Scarlet was diagnosed with lupus and scleroderma, two debilitating and possibly deadly autoimmune diseases.

It is not what she experienced that impacted her life the most but how she eventually overcame each circumstance and how she changed her mind set and perspective on life, which gave her a new attitude, deep compassion and a renewed vision to serve others.

Sometimes when we experience adversity, we ask ourselves, “Why?” But “Why” is not the question to be asked. We should ask ourselves, “How can we use our challenges to gain new insights into our lives and our ability to endure difficulties? How can we use what we’ve learned to positively impact the lives others?”

Scarlet is a warrior in every sense of the word. As a former Marine, she has turned her marred life experiences into a passion for protecting humanity from crime. As the founder of 10 for Humanity, she has embarked upon an amazing journey to develop her first product designed to help potential victims of crimes. The new device, called the Tiger Eye Security Sensor, (TESS) will help deter violent crimes before they occur.

The mission of 10 for Humanity is to develop 10 solutions to reduce acts of crime and violence by 10% over the next decade. With TESS due to debut in Spring of 2014, Scarlet is destined to achieve her mission.

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