U.S. Ambassador to Niger


Bernadette Allen

For the past 30 yeas Bernadette Allen has enjoyed a wonderful and fulfilled career in the Foreign Service (FS) working for the Department of State. Serving America in various capacities, some of her overseas assignments have included: Consul General at the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal, Consular Section Chief at the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou, China and Consul at the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines. Some domestic assignments have included: Director of the Visa Office Coordination Division and desk officer in the Africa Bureau’s Regional Affairs Office.

In 2005, Ms. Allen was nominated by President George Bush to serve as Ambassador to the Republic of Niger and was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in February 2006. She has served as Ambassador to Niger since that time.

Ms. Allen has used her natural ability to bond with people to affect positive change in many ways through her various professional roles as an FS officer. She has received the Superior Honor Award for Leadership as Consul General in Montreal and a Meritorious Honor Award for outstanding managerial and professional skills in Guangzhou, China.

She graciously offered advice to those who might consider joining the Foreign Service as a career. She says that one must be very knowledgeable about world events and affairs. As a Foreign Service Officer you must be able to adapt to any environment because you never know where you will be located. A candidate must also be willing to learn new languages.

Ms. Allen looks forward to retirement and possibly a new career. She loves writing and teaching and wants to give young children an opportunity to learn about life outside the United States through writing children’s stories.

Raised in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, Ms. Allen also looks forward to returning home to her family and becoming a part of her community once again.

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