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Main Cover Stories:
Geir Ness and Dr. Deana Murphy

Geir Ness came to America to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. He has achieved amazing success – but not as an actor. As a celebrity fragrance designer, Ness is living his ultimate dream. He’s using his success to inspire others to live happy and healthy lives.

His love and caring spirit was most evident through his bold decision to team with Norwegian Olympic Gold Medalist Grete Waitz, who recently lost her battle with cancer in April of 2011.

The true champion that he is, with a commitment to helping those in need, Ness stepped in to run the race for Waitz in November of 2009. This was his very first marathon, a huge decision. It took a lot of training mentally and physically to prepare for it. This was another way for Ness to help raise money for cancer patients. He ran the marathon in four hours and twenty-eight minutes, raising close to $300,000.

Interior Design – we’re all familiar with the term and we know what it means, but Dr. Deana Murphy has taken its meaning to a new level and dimension. As a career woman and entrepreneur, Dr. Deana designs what she calls tangible spaces.

After designing tangible spaces for well over a decade and having been showcased on HGTV, Fine Living and in O Magazine, award-winning author, speaker and educator, Dr. Murphy is designing something closer to her heart. She expanded her expertise to include a tangible image and attitude for professional women. As a Life Design Expert, she’s helping women create major breakthroughs in their lives, enabling them to achieve personal accountability, emotional clarity and inner direction.

In 1999 Dr. Deana created the LivingDesigns™ brand based on her passion for serving others. With her practical experience and lay ministry, including a doctorate in theology, she has an extraordinary perspective on the inner life design process.

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  • From adversity comes wisdom. From wisdom often comes a passion for positive change. Donna Reed has experienced more adversity than many of us can imagine, but despite adversity her love for helping others has not been diminished. She was once a battered wife who escaped the horrific clutches of domestic abuse. As a 23-year old single mother, Reed experienced a defining moment that gave her the courage to change her circumstances. She enrolled in college and began using her creativity and talent to create arts and crafts. Her desire to spend more time with her children led her to turn her talents into a flourishing business.

  • As a former major league pitcher for the Texas Rangers, Jose Guzman has had more winning games than one might imagine. He’s thrown hundreds of curve balls and has also received many of them from his on-field opponents as well. Years ago life threw his mother a curve ball that changed her life and ultimately Guzman’s perspective on life. His mom suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, but her suffering was not in vain. It inspired Guzman to make a difference in the lives of other elderly individuals who suffered from the disease. He started a charity foundation, Guzman 23 Foundation. The mission is to provide financial assistance to those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their families or loved ones when finances or basic insurance is unavailable.

  • Not All Income is Created Equal

  • Is Your Resume ‘Interview Worthy?

  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Business Just by Asking

  • And More!

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