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Cover Stories: Composer Levente Egry and Artist Osprey Orielle Lake

MUSIC – it has the power to heal, to invoke happiness, to stir emotions and bring people together. It transcends all backgrounds. Through his romantic classical arrangements, Levente Egry celebrates life and attempts to bring harmony into the lives of people around the world. His endeavor in this regard is succeeding.

A legend in his own right, Levente has not only helped transform the lives of his fans but also the music of the artists for whom he has produced and composed songs. He consistently works to perfect his craft. “I’m living for the music,” he states. Egry’s extraordinary abilities as a pop artist, classical composer and musician have earned him accolades and many awards, as well as gold, platinum and diamond selling albums.

A pianist, composer, performer and producer, this dashing Hungarian sensation is the total package that embodies extraordinary talent, skills, humbleness and honesty.

If you open the package, you’ll find that there is a story about the man behind the music that will touch your heart. His childhood somewhat parallels that of Michael Jackson. He grew up under the rigid rules of his father, his childhood taken from him so that he would become a musical prodigy. “It was not until adulthood when I realized that without all of my father’s efforts and intense pressure, I would not have become the artist and man I am today. I understand why he did what he did to me,” explains Egry.

Osprey Orielle Lake - It is through her vision as an artist that Osprey Orielle Lake has used her extraordinary talents to bring us closer to nature.

Lake is one of a small number of females who design monuments. She infuses a reflection of cultural diversity, nature and a sense of connection into her designs. Through her work, she allows citizens of the world to see the true beauty of nature. She addresses how “narrative artworks can bring balance, connection and hope into the hearts of our cities and homes.”

Through her statutes, Lake attempts to foster within each of us a deeper personal and societal appreciation for the land in which we live.

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When one gazes at the intricate details of her magnificent art, each piece tells a unique story and one can only be inspired to appreciate the natural beauty of the world.

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